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Mangrove Jack's Carbonation Drops 200gm (approx 60) (BBE-10/22)

*Best before end - September 2022*

For fast, easy bottling, carbonation drops take the guesswork out of priming your beer.

Carbonation drops are simply balls of boiled hard sugar. They make carbonating bottles nice and easy as you can just pop them into a bottle without measuring. However, these are designed for 330ml and 750ml bottles so other sized bottles will require you to cut them into smaller pieces which may present challenges. If so, you can use sugar instead.

Conversion Chart:

  • 330 ml 1 drop 3.6 g/0.12 oz
  • 500 ml 1.5 drops 5.4 g/0.19 oz
  • 750 ml 2 drops 7.2 g/0.25 oz